District 25 visits The Lost Villages Museum

Jun 09, 2023

A big thank you to the team at the Lost Villages Museum.  Jim Brownell and Dave Hill gave us a wonderful tour and shared many personal stories and reminiscences of the era prior to the flooding of the St. Lawrence Valley for the opening of the Seaway.  Delores Biddy, our past president was presented with an RTOERO pin.  The pin is actually a name tag with Past-President on it.  District 25 also presented the Lost Villages Historical Society with a donation on behalf of our local members. 

Un grand merci à l’équipe des Villages engloutis.  Jim Brownell and Dave Hill ont partagé leurs souvenirs de l’époque avant l’inondation du St-Laurent.  Le district 25 a fait un don pour assister le musée à continuer leur travail important dans la région.